Water Change Advice

29 Apr Water Change Advice

Systematic Pond Water Change Process

Removing and replacing a portion of your pond water on a consistent basis is crucial to maintain a healthy environment for your pond fish.

Water changes on a weekly basis, replacing only 10% of your pond water is what we always recommend to our clients. You may also choose an interval of 2 weeks with a 20% water change or 3 weeks with a 30% water change.

However, Koi fish are usually much healthier and more stable in ponds that receive water changes weekly.

Pond Water Change Interval Options

Weekly with a 10% water change


Every two weeks with a 20% water change


Every three weeks with a 30% water change

In addition to the basic water changes at regular intervals mentioned above, you should perform 2-3  major water changes throughout the year. A major water change should replace 60%-70% of the pond water and is an important part of the overall process of keeping your pond clean.

Major Water Change Process

The first step in a major water change is draining 60%-70% of the pond water. You will then need to add dechlorinator to the remaining water, then refill the pond to full capacity with fresh water.

Major Water Change Tips:

  • You should not perform major water changes during the hottest part of the summer season because you run the risk of chilling your pond fish.
  • When performing major water changes with a 50% or greater water replacement, make sure you use a dechlorinator that is effective for removing ammonia as well as chlorine.

Following a disciplined schedule to ensure all regular and major water changes are completed throughout the year, significantly improves the quality of your pond water. This results in healthier Koi fish, better able to fight off disease and sickness.

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