Pond Health Checks and Consultancy

Chances are if you are reading this you will know my speciality is koi health this one topic encompasses all manner of pond problems.

I can visit you, your fish and pond at your home to help in any way I can with problems you may be experiencing or to further your knowledge in the koi hobby. I have always upon my pond visits, as well as treating fish tried to coach people at the same time in ways to treat your own fish so you don’t rely solely on koi experts in the future. So I not only diagnose but show you the owner how to treat your fish.

So as I move closer to early retirement, I plan to concentrate my efforts more into Koi carp and the health side and put myself and my knowledge to work for you the koi hobbyist and this can/will include coaching you on how to treat your own fish.


Services offered

  • Pond problem  diagnosis
  • Pond Health problem diagnosis
  • Season health checks start and end of season
  • One to one koi health coaching
  • Pond maintenance
  • Pond checks while you’re on holiday (within 25 mile radius of Dartford)



Within a 25 mile radius  £100 call out and first 2 hours of labour + medication. In 95% of cases 2 hours inclusive labour would cover it, after that it would be £40 per hour.  Outside 25 mile radius price on application. I will bring all equipment with me with the exception of bowls, nets and socks in the interest of cross contamination and bio security. Any medications used would be an additional cost.