Pond Cleaning


To provide a healthy pond environment for your pond fish, it is important to have your pond meticulously cleaned on a periodic basis. We pay attention to every detail when performing a complete pond cleaning project and use a thorough pond cleaning process that has been refined over many years of servicing clients.

We remove and transfer all of your pond fish to secure temporary holding tanks while the cleaning process is taking place and handle each step with great care. We use a powerful vacuum to clean the entire floor area and walls of the pond, while hand-cleaning areas that are hard to reach or that need special attention.

Pond fish are removed and transferred to holding tanks
The pond is emptied and undergoes our meticulous cleaning process
All pumps and filter equipment are thoroughly cleaned, inspected and serviced
The pond is refilled
Any plants or fixtures are cleaned and properly placed back into the pond environment
Pond fish are transferred from the holding tanks back into the pond
We perform our Eco treatment process to ensure the health and stability of the pond.
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