Pond Building

Maybe you don’t even have a pond but are thinking of having one. We have the experience to help you create the perfect Pond Environment…


Choosing the right service to build your Koi pond is vital to the health and long-term success of your pond. A pond that is not properly designed, planned and built can make it very difficult to manage, if not impossible.


We have consulted on and built hundreds of ponds. Our experienced and knowledgeable pond construction experts will provide you with a complete consultation to explore all of your options. We can accommodate your personal preferences with customisation options and will work with you to ensure you get the perfect pond to fit your budget.

….And its not just new ponds, we can replace liners, filtration systems, ¬†extend the pond wider or deeper or re-landscape it to allow for more or less planting areas.

  • Free consultation
  • Professional planning and design
  • Reliable and proven construction process – fiberglassing
  • Customisation options – pond windows


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