Look after the water quality

06 Apr Look after the water quality

High Quality Pond Water

High quality pond water is the lifeblood of your pond environment and is the major determining factor in the health of your pond fish. There are many factors that affect the quality of your pond water and it is an absolute necessity to test your pond water on a regular basis in order to properly monitor the status of your pond environment.

Pond Water Testing:

The overwhelming majority of pond fish disease is caused by problems with pond water quality. Testing kits are readily available for purchase and most are not very complicated to run. Testing frequency should vary throughout the year, with weekly tests performed during pond opening season and slowly transitioning to monthly tests mid-season.

Of course, more testing may be needed if you are experiencing problems and health issues with your pond. We feel strongly it is necessary to have a strict schedule of testing water quality or to hire a pond maintenance service to do it for you for the best results.

Pond Health Facts

  • Ammonia
    Ammonia can be deadly to pond fish, which is why regular Ammonia testing is so important.
  • Nitrite
    Nitrite can bind the red blood cells of fish, which can cause gasping along with brown blood disease.
  • Nitrates
    Nitrates are a naturally occurring by-product produced through the removal of Ammonia and Nitrite from your pond.
  • Koi Pond pH
    pH can suddenly change in the course of one night. pH levels can be very unstable and have a tendency to “crash,” potentially creating severe problems in your pond.
  • Carbon Dioxide
    CO2 is able to exist within water independent of dissolved oxygen. If levels get too elevated, illness can occur.
  • Dissolved Oxygen
    An abundance of fresh oxygen in your pond water is essential for keeping your pond fish healthy.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
    Has an odour similar to rotting eggs and can significantly harm pond fish.

Please remember: 70% of your fish health problems are related to your pond water quality.

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