General Koi Care

We do everything possible to prevent Koi health issues and water quality problems before they happen. However, with so many variables involved in a pond environment and many out of your control, health issues sometimes occur even in ponds that are meticulously maintained.


Our pkoirofessional staff members have years of experience dealing with a wide range of pond environment problems, water quality issues and Koi care and health problems.


If you have water quality problems or pond fish health issues, you need experienced and knowledgeable assistance to diagnose, treat and monitor the situation quickly and effectively.


Once we gather information, run tests and diagnose the situation, we will then consult with you before we take any action at all. We will give you all of the information gathered and the treatment options available, along with our recommended course of action.

Koi Health and Pond Care

A Koi Health Service Provider You Can Trust


Our primary focus is the long-term health and comfort of your Koi fish. All diagnostic and treatment plans are carried out with precision, care and strict attention to every detail.


Once treatment is administered and your Koi health issues appear to be resolved, we will recommend procedures that can be implemented to hopefully avoid the issue from reoccurring. These will be included in our final report and we will be happy to discuss them with you to answer any questions you may have.


Additionally, if we recognize any other issues that are unrelated to the immediate issue, we will bring those to your attention as well. We are always happy to help you find solutions that make managing your Koi pond more efficient and enjoyable.

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