Emergency Care

Emergency! I need help quick, before I lose all my Koi!

Contact us now for emergency services!

If you have owned a Koi pond for an extended length of time, then you know there are times a serious water quality issue or serious pond fish health issue will appear suddenly and without warning. Many times, it is one of those issues that leaves you scratching your head and at a total loss for answers.

We provide emergency maintenance and health care services seven days per week, to help protect your Koi pond from an unexpected crisis. When you have an emergency that puts the health of your pond fish at risk and requires immediate attention, you need a Koi health service that is responsive, experienced and reliable.

We have a proven reputation in the Koi industry as a reliable and trusted service provider that clients can count on. If you have an emergency and require our assistance, simply call us or visit our contact page to send us a message. We will get in touch with you promptly to schedule an immediate service call to resolve your pond issues.

But first, answer these questions which, in our experience may help identify the cause of the problem…

Have you done all your water tests?
Is there any thing you may have missed?
When did the last new fish go in the pond?
Has one of your neighbours been spraying?
Are you under a flight path where aircraft dump fuel?
Have you introduced new fittings or changed the pump recently?
Have any friends been round helped you with netting a fish using their nets?
Have you used a watering can that is not your normal one?

If none of the above give you a clue, then contact me without delay. Don’t email, phone my mobile 07480685147 – because time now is our biggest problem – I don’t carry a magic wand – once the fish stress levels rise then secondary problems start to show themselves. What was a minor problem can become a fish killer.


A Vital Factor for Quality Water & Healthy Pond Fish

Lack of oxygen and poor water quality is the MOST IMPORTANT factor in the health of your Koi.

Signs of Low Oxygen:

  • Pond fish seeking additional air at the water surface, typically around sunrise
  • Consistent moves towards the surface for additional air
  • Too many plants and too much algae can starve your pond of oxygen

Gills allow pond fish to consume oxygen from the water and give them the ability to survive environments with relatively low levels of oxygen. However, low oxygen levels are not healthy over the long term.