Aeration is vital for healthy Koi

19 Mar Aeration is vital for healthy Koi

Ensuring your pond consistently contains high levels of fresh oxygen is a key factor for maintaining high quality pond water and healthy pond fish.

Pond fish that are healthy, stable and properly grow require high levels of fresh oxygen within their environment. Aeration is a key component in providing a healthy and stable pond environment that allows your fish to maintain their health.

The Benefits of Adding Aeration

Aeration maintains high levels of oxygen within your pond environment, allowing your pond fish to remain healthy and develop resistance against disease. Providing your pond fish a stable and adequate level of oxygen will help support their continued growth and increase the stability of your pond.


Aeration Benefits:


  • Maintains high levels of oxygen within the pond environment
  • Boosts the health and stability of your pond fish
  • Helps maintain quality pond water
  • Decreases toxins in the pond water
  • Controls pond algae levels
  • Promotes good bacteria
  • Protects against excessive oxygen demands of plants and algae
  • Helps pond fish develop resistance to disease

If you are serious about your Koi pond and desire a stable pond environment with strong, healthy pond fish, then you should seriously consider adding a pond aerator.

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