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Koi Health and Pond Care

Professional Koi Health and Pond Care Specialists Providing Superior Service and Quality Pond Management


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We provide professional Koi health and pond management services to London, South East England and the surrounding areas. Our 10 years of experience has taught us the only way to effectively manage problems with a Koi pond or health issues of Koi, is at the Koi pond itself. We believe diagnosing, treating and managing health issues from pond-side, is the most effective way of producing the best results.


Our daily work involves dealing with a variety of Koi pond owners in various environments ranging from small hobbyist ponds to large commercial pond environments. Regardless of the size of your pond or your pond’s purpose, we offer our expertise and skills to ensure your pond is in the proper condition for your Koi to enjoy a clean and healthy environment.


 Experienced, Knowledgeable & Professional


Complete Care Services:


  • Fish Transport
  • Care and Health Training Programs
  • Filter Design and Installation Services
  • Pond & Koi Project Consultation Services

Testing & Diagnoses


We offer a wide range of testing and diagnostic procedures to identify exactly what the core issues of your pond and Koi are, and what treatment plan is needed to resolve the situation. We also offer complete care plans for your pond and Koi to ensure a healthy environment that is continuously monitored for any potential problems.


Diagnosis & Treatment


  • Blood Sampling
  • Microscope Testing
  • Water Tests
  • Mucus Sampling for Microscopic Parasites
  • Virus and Bacterial Sampling
  • Wound Treatment and Fin Problems
  • Regular Periodic Pond and Koi Health Testing
  • Water Quality Treatment Plans
  • Complete Pond Maintenance and Koi Care Plans
  • Seasonal Health Testing

At Koi Health and Pond Care, we believe every Koi pond has its own unique beauty regardless of size. The first step in solving your pond’s problems is having a professional and comprehensive examination of your fish and the pond itself. Once we determine the exact cause of the problems, we will recommend a treatment plan based on the information gathered during the diagnostic process.


Our primary focus is always to care for the fish in the best possible manner and provide solutions that will offer the fish the best possible living environment and optimum health. When treating sensitive environments and fish such as Koi, there are always risks involved. These will be discussed in detail with you, before any action is taken.


Koi Health and Pond Care

Professional Koi Health and Pond Care Specialists

Providing Superior Service and Quality Management