Koi Health

Pond environments and Koi fish are very sensitive, with problems occurring even in the cleanest of ponds. When you have sick pond fish or serious water quality issues, you need an experienced pond care service you can trust. Koi Health & Pond Care provides experienced, professional pond management services to residential and commercial Koi ponds of all sizes.

Pond Maintenance

Our pond maintenance services cover a wide range of environments, from specialty to regular garden ponds, as well as large and small ponds alike. We handle all aspects of pond projects and existing ponds such as planning and building ponds, filtration, periodic maintenance, water quality, holiday cover, pond treatments and emergency services.

Fish & Equipment For Sale

We have self-managed ponds of our own that we use to breed show quality Koi fish. These Koi fish are raised under optimum conditions with our experienced staff members monitoring their environment at all times. We select a few of these show quality Koi and offer them for sale to clients looking for the highest quality Koi fish available.

We also usually have a selection of Pond Equipment available.

  • Emergency Care

    What to do with a very sick fish

  • General Koi Care

    How we keep fish healthy

  • Advice on Koi and Ponds

    Help and advice blog based on our experience.

  • Caring for your garden pond

  • Equipment & Koi Available

    Koi and Equipment for sale.